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Fashion Reserve - a Fashion Design Democracy

By Fashion Workie on 24th September 2015, posted in: Check out

What is Fashion Reserve?
It’s a pioneering new website for fashion designers, graphic designers and photographers where they can upload their creations and make a passive income whilst gaining a showcase for their creations. ‬
It works on the same principle to a stock photography website: it costs nothing for the designer: you upload the designs, PSDs, flats, patterns, brushes etc, that you may have on your computer, set a price, and fashion industry professionals can search and download your creations, and also contact you for commissions and work – no strings attached. ‬ For every sale, Fashion Reserve takes a 20% commission.
Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to register and upload.
Why did we build it?
Our business concept evolved in response to our need: a need for a single place online where people of all backgrounds are able to source quality fashion-related content for immediate download. We believe that our site fills that void by enabling registered users to download professional, quality-assured, fashion drawings and assets at low cost and without the worry of copyright and licensing issues.
We are proud of Fashion Reserve. We want it to be an active community for creatives, and we want it to adapt to your needs. It is a site where designers are able to upload and flaunt their projects directly to designers, retailers, producers and fashion houses alike, any and all of whom may choose to download our members’ work.
Our philosophy
We understand how frustrating it can be for talented, creative people to be constrained by financial restrictions and corporate boundaries.  
Our philosophy is to change that by offering fair reward and public recognition for work that is popular, and to build a forum of expertise that is available to all who use the Fashion Reserve community.
Anyone who joins the community is able to upload their creations to Fashion Reserve.  Others can find and download your hard work, meaning you will be remunerated as well as gaining fame and notoriety.  The better your work is, the more reviews you will get, as well as followers and customers!
Our aim
Our aim is to give back fashion design to those that deserve it, and let true merit be rewarded. Let the fashion industry come to you.
What’s next for Fashion Reserve?
We are so glad that we have opened our virtual doors after long months of hard work putting the site together. Now it’s over to you to make it what you want – by uploading your creations for the world to see; and by letting us know on our community forum what we can do to improve.
Best of luck to you.
All of us in the Fashion Reserve team.
Here's a link to a short presentation: ‬ ‬
Sign up here: