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Breaking into Fashion - Free Workshop

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Breaking into Fashion - Free Workshop

Date: 1st April 2017
Event Time: 10.30am, to12.30
Type of Event: Workshop
Company / Organisation / Artist Name: School of Styling
Location: London, UK
Entry: Free
Venue: TBC
Address: London Bridge
Contact Name: Carly Brook - Education Director London School of Styling
Ad Expires In: 2 days 9 hours

Ever look at the latest Glossy Magazine's and Fashion Campaigns and wonder how did the Fashion Editors and Stylist's get their first job in the Industry?  Did they study Fashion? Do they know people? How did they manage to get their lucky break?

During this short workshop we set out to break down the different ways of finding work in the Fashion Industry.  The Fashion Industry can be a closed one and at this workshop with 20 years experience Art Director and Leading Fashion Stylist Carly Brook will be sharing her advice and wealth of experience to help students break in to the Industry.
At the workshop you will find out what sort of roles are available in a fast growing Fashion Industry.  Most important of all discover how you can follow a path straight in to employment if you would wish into the industry, using expert advice. Maybe you have no experience and you are wondering how to get that experience that will fast track you in to a career in industry. Maybe you have already completed a fashion course in the past but are unaware how to stand out from the competition and turn that experience into gaining the Fashion job you want.
Covered during the workshop is help with CV's interview techniques and what skills are truly needed in todays fast moving Fashion World to find yourself being in demand from Fashion employeers.
The workshop is structured in to different subject modules and as the workshop is a small group of only 20 students, you will have the chance to interact and ask the speaker direct questions.